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2D Animation: Character & Attitude Walk Cycles

from (Subscription)

Once you've completed a basic walk cycle, it's time to add character. Animator Dermot O' Connor shows how to take a basic walk and go beyond, building in personality, exaggeration,...

2D Animation: Walk Cycles Basics

from (Subscription)

There are four primary poses of a walk cycle, and the sequence in which they are animated is very important. In this 2D animation tutorial, Dermot O' Connor provides an...

2D Character Animation

from (Subscription)

All animators must learn to walk before they can run. In 2D Character Animation, industry expert George Maestri teaches the basic principles every animator must know to build a...

2D Character Animation with After Effects

from (Subscription)

In her career as an animator, Angie Taylor has developed some powerful techniques for creating quick but compelling 2D animation, and in this workshop she shares those secrets with...

2D Game Development with LibGDX: Building Cross Platform Mobile Games

from Udacity (Free)

This course explores how to use LibGDX to build 2D games that run anywhere, from web browsers to mobile devices. We start with simple drawings, and then turn to simple...

3D Architectural Modeling with AutoCAD

from (Subscription)

Take your drawings from 2D to 3D with AutoCAD. Author Scott Onstott helps build your AutoCAD 2015 skills, one video at a time. You'll learn to extrude 2D plans into solid objects,...

3D Content Creation for Virtual Reality

from (Subscription)

Virtual reality is a booming industry. The technology for consumers and designers just keeps getting better. Learn how to take advantage of the newest advances in VR modeling,...

3D Modeling and Printing Household Parts

from (Subscription)

Missing a knob, bracket, latch, or other household part? Replacement parts are hard to come by, and can be difficult to find. Discover how easy and rewarding it is to 3D print your...

3D Print Small Objects with Photoshop

from (Subscription)

Missing a knob, button, or drawer pull, or a piece from your favorite game? Learn how to reproduce missing pieces for 3D printing with Photoshop. Steve Caplin walks through two...

3D Printing Project: Designing a Replacement Part

from (Subscription)

Creating replacement parts for household appliances and furniture (like a broken oven knob or draw pull) is a great use of desktop 3D printers. In this short project course, author...

3D Printing a Scale Model with AutoCAD

from (Subscription)

By 3D printing scale models, architects can save time, troubleshoot problems, and fully illustrate their ideas in three dimensions. In this course, Kacie Hultgren takes you through...

3D Printing on Shapeways Using Maya

from (Subscription)

3D printing allows your digital creations to emerge in the real world, but you don't need a 3D printer to bring them to life. Learn how to prepare your models in Maya and then send...

3D Printing with Photoshop

from (Subscription)

Now you can use Photoshop CC to make 3D printing easier than ever.Photoshop's new tools take a lot of the heavy work out of 3D printing preparation, helping automate the process of...

3D Printing with ZBrush

from (Subscription)

Prepare your models for 3D printing with ZBrush, the popular program for 3D modeling and digital sculpting. Learn how to measure your models with real world units, so everything...

3D Scanning a Person

from (Subscription)

New consumer-grade 3D sensors in products like the Microsoft Kinect make scanning people easy! And with 3D printers, you can turn those scans into "Mini-Mes" that can be used as...

3D Scanning with a Camera

from (Subscription)

Did you know you have a 3D scanner in your pocket? With a smartphone or digital camera, you can transform photos into three-dimensional scans. This course shows you how to...

3D Surface Model Design with AutoCAD

from (Subscription)

You can model almost any form imaginable with AutoCAD's surface toolset. In this project-based course, Scott Onstott teaches you all the techniques required to solve complex...

3D Textures: Brick

from (Subscription)

Join Adam Crespi in this installment of Creating Textures, as he takes you through the steps needed to create realistic brick textures in Photoshop. First you'll create the base...

3D Textures: Formed Concrete

from (Subscription)

Used in everything from the Pantheon to modern buildings like the Salk Institute, concrete is all around us, which means it makes its way into many architectural designs and 3D...

3D Textures: Granite & Mosaics

from (Subscription)

Learn how to mimic the look of granite and terrazzo, two high-end materials for countertops and flooring, using Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. Join Adam Crespi as he generates...