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$50,000 App Development & Design Course for iOS and Android

from Udemy (Free)

Design and program iOS and Android app with social media (facebook and twitter). Make money on Google Play and Appstore.

(NEW) Integrating ITIL and TOGAF

from Udemy ($24)

Two of the largest enterprise management frameworks TOGAF and ITIL actually work quite well together. Here's how.

(NEW) Introduction to iOS Core Data with Swift

from Udemy (Free)

Learn to create iOS application with Core Data in 1 day!

(NEW) Mastering iOS Core Data with Swift

from Udemy ($24)

Unleash the power of Core Data on your iOS application combined with iCloud

(NEW) Your Own Site in 45 Min: The Complete Wordpress Course

from Udemy ($24)

Wordpress Publishing: How to Build a Custom Site from Scratch that Drives Traffic and Makes you Money. Zero Coding.

(NEW) iOS Swift Development Tips and Tricks

from Udemy (Free)

Learn TIPS and TRICKS in iOS Swift development for your projects.

(NEW)The Complete Swift 2.0 Developer Course 2016 - (Pro)

from Udemy ($97)

Complete Swift development training. Learn iOS 9 App Development with Swift 2 & Xcode 7.

.Net for Beginners

from Udemy ($24)

Begin your enterprise programming career with .net. Create web and windows app with the Microsoft .net platform

0. Apple Watch: Introducción para principiantes

from Udemy (Free)

Guía para crear una fantástica aplicación nativa en muy poco tiempo para Apple Watch.

10 Apps in 10 Weeks

from Udemy ($24)

Learn App Development by Making Apps: Mobile App Development with HTML5

10 Tips To Build & Sell WordPress Plugins

from Udemy ($19)

Learn how to code WordPress plugins in PHP using Bootstrap and Font Awesome and get marketing tips for selling it

101 - Docker Basics

from Udemy (Free)

Learn the basics around Docker containers for building and deploying simple applications on any cloud.


from Udemy (Free)


2048: Build your First Complete Game with C# and Unity

from Udemy ($24)

Beginner game developers can use Unity and C# to design and build their first game, a clone of the 2048 math puzzle game

25 Website Traffic Proven Methods- Part Two

from Udemy ($24)

This is the Second Part of a great course about 25 Website Traffic Methods for your Website.

2D Zombies Game: Android and iOS Game Development with Unity

from Udemy ($24)

Make your own 2D Zombies Survival Game using Unity 5 from scratch, and how to extend it to create any game you want!

30 Days of Swift: Learn the Basics & Build an iOS App.

from Udemy ($24)

For the next 30 days, here's your chance to jump into to programming mobile apps with Swift and iOS. Made for all levels

32 HTML/HTML5 Codes on Web Development you Need Learn

from Udemy ($24)

Learn All Codes HTML and the New Tags in HTML5! Essential Tutorial with Exercises for Creating a Website from Scratch!

38 Java String-Related Techniques Making Your Life Easier

from Udemy ($9)

A collection of string related methods that help you achieve daily programming tasks with less time and effort.