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Cisco networking (CCNA)

from The Open University ($2786)

Cisco Systems are market leaders in supplying networking equipment for the internet. They also have a well-established educational programme for network professionals. As a Cisco...

Communication and information technologies

from The Open University ($2786)

Digital communication and information technologies have become fundamental to the operation of modern societies. New products and services are rapidly transforming our lives, both...

Communications technology

from The Open University ($1393)

Electronic communication is ubiquitous in homes, offices and urban environments. You probably regularly use mobile devices, Wi-Fi and broadband. What makes such forms of...

Data management and analysis

from The Open University ($1393)

This module addresses some of the key concepts required for the traditionally important area of data management, and the increasingly important area of data analytics. You will...

Digital photography: creating and sharing better images

from The Open University ($200)

Whether you are new to digital photography or want to improve your existing skills, this ten-week online course, developed and presented in partnership with The Royal Photographic...

IT project and service management

from The Open University ($1393)

Do you want to know more about the issues involved in working in a project team or service team environment in the computing industry? Then this is the module for you. You’ll...

IT systems: planning for success

from The Open University ($1393)

IT systems are a critical part of our world, in business, public sector and voluntary sector environments, and are often highly complex and interconnected combinations of...

Interaction design and the user experience

from The Open University ($1393)

From apps, phones and business systems to wearables, the web and the Internet of Things, interactive products are the stuff of everyday life. But how can interactions be designed...

My digital life

from The Open University ($2786)

My digital life takes you on a journey from the origins of information technology through to the familiar computers of today, and on to tomorrow’s radical technologies. You'll...

Object-oriented Java programming

from The Open University ($1393)

This module teaches the fundamental ideas behind the object-oriented approach to programming through the widely-used Java programming language. Concentrating on aspects of Java...

Software development with Java

from The Open University ($1393)

Discover the fundamentals of an object-oriented approach to software development. Starting from an analysis of requirements, you’ll be introduced to up-to-date analytical...

Software engineering

from The Open University ($1393)

Designing, building and testing software systems can be a complicated process. This module aims to provide you with an understanding of software engineering concepts and a view of...

Technologies in practice

from The Open University ($1393)

This module provides an opportunity to sample some of the key areas in computing and information technology. You will be introduced to three topics as tasters for your future...

Web technologies

from The Open University ($1393)

The World Wide Web continues to provide a foundation for the development of a broad range of increasingly influential and strategic technologies, supporting a large variety of...

Web, mobile and cloud technologies

from The Open University ($1393)

Cloud computing and mobile technologies offer new possibilities for the production and distribution of IT applications and services. Rapid, elastic and scalable provisioning of IT...