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from iTunes U (Free)

This course explores how information digitally moves around, what can happen to it en route, and some of the societal risks that result. Students explore how information is...

Building Dynamic Websites

from iTunes U (Free)

Websites are increasingly dynamic. No longer static HTML files, pages are instead generated by scripts and database calls. User interfaces are more seamless, with technologies like...

Building Mobile Applications

from iTunes U (Free)

Today's applications are increasingly mobile. Computers are no longer confined to desks and laps but instead live in our pockets and hands. This course teaches students how to...

Introduction to Computer Graphics and GPU Programming

from iTunes U (Free)

This course introduces important data structures and algorithms that are useful for creating images on a computer, providing students with sufficient background to write...

Introduction to Formal Systems and Computation

from iTunes U (Free)

This course is a rigorous introduction to formal systems and the theory of computation. Elementary treatment of automata, formal languages, computability, uncomputability,...

Massively Parallel Computing

from iTunes U (Free)

In this course, students get hands-on experience in developing software for massively parallel computing resources. We cover parallel programming models, hardware architectures,...

Understanding Computers and the Internet

from iTunes U (Free)

This course is all about understanding: understanding what's going on inside your computer when you flip on the switch, why tech support has you constantly rebooting your computer,...

XML with Java

from iTunes U (Free)

This course introduces XML as a key enabling technology in Java-based applications. Students learn the fundamentals of XML and its derivatives, including DTD, SVG, XML Schema,...