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from coursera (Free)

This course will introduce you to the foundations of modern cryptography, with an eye toward practical applications.

Hardware Security

from coursera (Free)

In this course, we will study security and trust from the hardware perspective. Upon completing the course, students will understand the vulnerabilities in current digital system...

Making Better Group Decisions: Voting, Judgement Aggregation and Fair Division

from coursera (Free)

Learn about different voting methods and fair division algorithms, and explore the problems that arise when a group of people need to make a decision.

Software Security

from coursera (Free)

This course we will explore the foundations of software security. We will consider important software vulnerabilities and attacks that exploit them -- such as buffer overflows, SQL...

Usable Security

from coursera (Free)

This course focuses on how to design and build secure systems with a human-centric focus. We will look at basic principles of human-computer interaction, and apply these insights...