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Age of Globalization

from edX (Free)

Identify the historical and cultural systems driving globalization and changing societies around the world.

Classroom Strategies for Inquiry-Based Learning

from edX (Free)

Learn inquiry-based classroom practices to engage students in education through exploration.

Discovery Precalculus: A Creative and Connected Approach

from edX (Free)

Strengthen your critical thinking skills in this inquiry-based Pre-calculus course.

Effective Thinking Through Mathematics

from edX (Free)

Learn tools of effective thinking through puzzles and mathematics in this fun and fascinating course.

Embedded Systems - Shape The World

from edX (Free)

Build real-world embedded solutions using a bottom-up approach from simple to complex in this hands-on, lab-based course.

Foundations of Data Analysis - Part 1: Statistics Using R

from edX (Free)

Use R to learn fundamental statistical topics such as descriptive statistics and modeling.

Foundations of Data Analysis - Part 2: Inferential Statistics

from edX (Free)

Use R to learn the fundamental statistical topic of basic inferential statistics.

Ideas of the Twentieth Century

from edX (Free)

Learn how philosophy, art, literature, and history shaped the last century and the world today.

Jazz Appreciation

from edX (Free)

Listen and learn about the artists, eras, and musical methods that make jazz a great original art form.

Linear Algebra - Foundations to Frontiers

from edX (Free)

Learn the mathematics behind linear algebra and link it to matrix software development.

Take Your Medicine: Developing New Drug Products

from edX (Free)

Discover how new drugs are developed, tested, approved and marketed.

Take Your Medicine: How to Be a Savvy Consumer

from edX (Free)

Discover how to become a savvy healthcare consumer.