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IT Management - Building Information Systems

from Alison (Free)

Information Systems are critical components in every business and organisation, and managers have a fundamental role in the initiation, design and implementation of a new...

IT Management - Software and Databases

from Alison (Free)

Computers and software are an integral part of the modern business organization. A successful manager will be expected to make informed decisions on the type of systems and...

Introduction to Corporate IT Strategy and Business Frameworks

from Alison (Free)

Information Technology (IT) has become one of the key elements in the design of business frameworks and it is also a key influence in determining corporate strategy. The modern...

Introduction to Information Technology for Managers

from Alison (Free)

A good understanding of Information Technology (IT) is of vital importance for any manager in today’s modern workplace. Effective management and implementation of IT resources...

Understanding Information Control for IT Managers

from Alison (Free)

Control of information within an organization is one of the most fundamental responsibilities of managers. Modern businesses and organisations must be capable of creating and...