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Functionality of JavaScript, jQuery and AJAX

from Alison (Free)

JavaScript is a client side scripting language and is one of the most widely used programming languages for the web. The most common use of JavaScript is to write functions which...

Fundamentals of Human-Computer Information Retrieval

from Alison (Free)

Vast quantities of data and information appear on the web every year. This data takes on a wide variety of forms such as text, images, video, code and statistics to name just a...

How the Internet Works

from Alison (Free)

The Internet is the global network of interconnected computer networks. It consists of all the private, business, and government networks that are linked together by cable,...

How to Create Your First Website

from Alison (Free)

This free online course covers the skills and techniques needed to create your first website and is designed for novices who've always wanted to build a site but lack the skills or...

Introduction to Computer Science

from Alison (Free)

Computer science is a diverse topic encompassing computer technology, hardware, software, security, communications, programming, algorithms, functions, and storage. By studying it...

Introduction to Programming with Python

from Alison (Free)

Computer programming skills are now becoming part of basic education as these skills are increasingly of vital importance for future job and career prospects. This free online...