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Advanced Networking and Communication Systems

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This course focuses on routed data networks and the implementation of previously learned business data communications and switched network concepts, principles and strategies to...

BestApp for iPad

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Questo corso vuole essere un semplice elenco di applicazioni che possono rivelarsi utili nelle diverse discipline del I° anno delle Scuole Superiori. Di ogni applicazione viene...

COS 460/540 Computer Networks Spring 2012

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A description of computer networks organized as a layered architecture based on the OSI Reference Model. Protocols and services of each layer are examined in detail. Specific local...

CS105-Great Insights in Computer Science (Fall 2007)

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CS 105 - Great Insights in Computer Science

Coding on iPad HTML

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Using the app Koder, you can efficiently code websites on your iPad. This beginner's course will show you how to code a basic webpage from scratch. ...

Cyber Threats and Technology Policy

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This course brings you a variety of events hosted by the CSIS Technology and Public Policy Program, giving you access to some of the leading minds in their fields. Subjects covered...

DCS Open House 1996

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Presentations of the DCS Open House of 1996. Speakers included Francis Lawrence (President of the University at that time), Mark Weiser (Chief Technologist at Xerox), Tomacz...

IS Project Management

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Capstone course for MIS majors. Develops skills in managing the project development cycle in an organization. Topics include systems engineering, cost analysis, risk management,...

Introduction to Computing (CIS150 GVSU)

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This course will introduce to you new computer skills, it will help you practice and solidify skills you already have, and it will fill gaps in your understanding of computers....

Linear Programming

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Dr. Bahman Kalantari's class on Linear Programming (audio only)

Rutger CyberInfrastructure (Internet2) Meeting, 2006

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The Rutgers Internet2 Meetings on April 4 2006 were a survey of the effects of ultra-highspeed bandwidth (for instance via Internet2) on education and research. The presentations...

System Analysis and Design

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This practical course in information systems development will cover the concepts, skills, methodologies (RAD as well as SDLC), and tools essential for systems analysts to...

gesellschaftliche spannungefelder der informatik

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Gespräche mit Expertinnen und Experten zu den Themen der »Gesellschaftlichen Spannungsfelder der Informatik«. Geplant als Ergänzung zur gleichnamigen Lehrveranstaltung (2....