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(Halloween Special) After Effects and Basic Animation

from Udemy ($24)

Learn how to animate a still picture and turn it into a video. Watch and You will animate fliers, posters and photoes.

(New) The Ultimate Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 Tutorial

from Udemy (Free)

Anyone will learn how to create and produce amazing videos using Adobe Premiere Pro CS6.Fast and Efficient.

1 Hour Video Workshop - Build a CSS Web Page in Dreamweaver

from Udemy ($24)

A step-by-step 1 hour video intensive shows the total beginner how build a modern CSS web page from start to finish.

1 day Wordpress website

from Udemy ($24)

Build your own Wordpress business website or blog by yourself in just one day and begin to do business on the web

1-Hour Wordpress Basic Tutorial

from Udemy (Free)

Learn how to use the world's most popular blogging platform on your own domain name in just 1-Hour.

1. Introducción a Estructuras de Superficies Tensadas

from Udemy ($24)

Curso de introducción para reconocer las Estructuras de Superficies Tensadas con los 3 temas básicos.

1. Introduction to Tensile Surface Structures

from Udemy ($24)

Recognized a tensile surface structures with the three main basic topics.

10 Common Photography Mistakes (and how to fix them)

from Udemy ($40)

An in-depth course that will teach you to avoid/correct 10 of the most common mistakes photogs make with their images.

10 Courses In 1 - The Holy Grail For Photoshop Retouching

from Udemy ($24)

The Holy Grail - Become An Expert In Photoshop Retouching With No Experience Or Prior Knowledge "Upgrade Your Skills"

11 Things Every Beginner Needs to Learn to Love Illustrator

from (Subscription)

In this workshop Adobe Certified Instructor Russell Viers distills his vast knowledge of Adobe Illustrator into 11 simple things that open up a whole world of possibilities. Before...

11 Tricks for Faster Photo Processing with Bridge and Photoshop

from (Subscription)

Taking pictures is easy; managing images is a different story. In this workshop, Adobe Certified Instructor Russell Viers shares his techniques for sorting through your photo...

20 Lightroom Lifesavers

from Craftsy ($49)

Cut hours from your postproduction process, with 20 little-known Adobe Lightroom� techniques for quick, easy and dramatic finished images.

21-Day Drawing Challenge

from (Subscription)

Drawing and creativity are critical parts of human communication and personal expression, and are essential for success in every profession. Drawing is especially valuable because...

25 Innovative Photoshop Techniques for Photo & Video

from Craftsy ($39)

Transform your images and videos with the creative power of Photoshop!

27 Best Free WordPress Plugins For Business & Entrepreneurs

from Udemy ($24)

Top Free WordPress Plugins Every Business Website Should Use in 2015 Plus Training and Tutorials For Setting Them Up

2D Animation Essentials in Anime Studio Pro 11

from Udemy (Free)

Learn the essentials and start creating your own Animations

2D Animation Principles

from (Subscription)

Bring a cast of characters to life. By following the basics principles of animation, you can build characters that interact naturally with their environments, convey realistic...

2D Animation With No Drawing Skills in AE

from Udemy ($24)

Learn to create and animate characters who express with body language in After Effects

2D Animation in After Effects: Bring Your Art To Life

from Udemy (Free)

Transform a simple drawing into an animatable mini-series character. Step-by-step straight to the point lessons.