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1:1 iPad Implementation

from iTunes U ($6)

Immaculata-La Salle will begin a 1:1 iPad program for all of its students beginning in the 2012 - 2013. This iTunes U course will provide an overview of the major components of the...

2nd Grade Touch Money

from iTunes U (Free)

Each coin is explained and introduced using touch points to count change.

3D Modeling

from iTunes U (Free)

This course is designed to allow the students to become fluent in the 3D Modeling process. ...

6th Grade English

from iTunes U (Free)

English Literature and writing will be two major parts of this class.

6th Grade LA - I AM A TAXI

from iTunes U (Free)

A 6th Grade course in language arts.

7th Comm Arts

from iTunes U ($8)

Testing iTunes U for Comm Arts classes

7th Grade ELAR

from iTunes U ($23)

7th Grade ELAR

7th Grade Pre-AP English

from iTunes U ($0)


8th Grade Math

from iTunes U (Free)

8th grade math lessons

8th Grade Technology BETA

from iTunes U ($9)

Photography Videography Video Production Video Editing Sound Editing ...


from iTunes U (Free)

From July 22 to 27, 2012, Washington, DC will host the nineteenth international AIDS conference, known as AIDS 2012 . Since the first...

AP U.S. History

from iTunes U (Free)

In Spring 2013, Frankel Jewish Academy AP U.S. History students created songs related to varies topics discussed in class.

AP World History

from iTunes U (Free)

The breadth of world history poses challenges to create opportunities for students to have a deep conceptual understanding. The AP World History course addresses these challenges...

Abnormal Psychology

from iTunes U (Free)

A study of neurotic and psychotic behavior including origin, classification, symptoms and a survey of diagnosis, therapy and prevention.

Accounting Ethics

from iTunes U (Free)

This course evaluates accounting ethics research in the context of a Christian world view perspective and in relation to the development of the profession’s code of professional...

Accounting Information Systems

from iTunes U (Free)

This course provides a basic knowledge of how accounting information systems function in today’s business environment. It emphasizes the internal control feature necessary to...

Accounting for Non-Financial Managers

from iTunes U (Free)

Students will study the crucial aspects of financial analysis and management so that they will have an understanding of the requirements to identify, measure, and communicate...

Acts & Romans - Dr. Robert Cara

from iTunes U ($28)

Acts and Romans offers biblical content and hermeneutical tools for the faithful use of these books in Christian ministry. Dr. Cara, an expert in the Luke-Acts narrative, explores...

Adolescent Health and Development

from iTunes U (Free)

The course consists of lectures, readings, discussions, panels of guest speakers, group and individual projects. The purpose of the lectures, readings, discussion and panels of...

Advanced Accounting

from iTunes U (Free)

This is an intensive course in accounting theory and practice regarding partnerships, business combinations and consolidated financial statements. The course attempts to strike a...