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AP Studio Art 15/16

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Loyola Academy


Jane Carney, Unknown




Advanced Placement Studio Art Instructor: Mrs. Jane Carney Course Description The Advanced Placement Studio Course is designed for serious art students who are interested in acquiring college credit through the review process sponsored by the College Board. This process consists of an extensive portfolio review in late may by readers selected by the College Board. The reviewed student portfolio is given an evaluation score. Credit is awarded to the student depending on the policies of the college or university and the score earned. Students choose to complete a drawing or design portfolio. They will submit 12 digital images from their breadth, 12 digital images from their concentration and 5 of their best works. These will be packaged and sent to the review board in early May. Assessment/Grading Students will be evaluated on the following: projects for a portfolio, studio conduct and assignments, which include: sketchbook/projects thumbnails, critiques ,written and/or oral assignments. Grades are computed with the following percentages: projects 80%, all other assignments 20%. Studio etiquette is expected. Studio etiquette consists of working consistently during class, participating in critiques, cleaning work space and generally being aware of the space and other artists working. Assignment sheets and grading rubrics will be handed out at the beginning of each quarter. Assignments will be both teacher and student initiated. The student is responsible for photographing his or her work. Quarter and semester dates for documentation of work will be assigned in class. Teaching/Learning Strategies ...