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Using Eyejot for Video Communication in the Classroom



Russell Stannard

Computer Science

1-2 Hours



Eyejot is a Web application that can be used by teachers and trainers as an online learning tool where they get their students to record a video using a webcam. This video can then be posted on Eyejot for the teacher and other students to review. Eyejot has great potential for use in the classroom as an online learning tool. For example, a teacher can give their students a topic to practise talking about and the students can then record themselves practising alone or with another person and post the video on Eyejot. This online learning tool is particularly useful in language teaching, where students can record themselves speaking about different topics in a particular language. In this free online course about Eyejot you will learn how to create an account in Eyejot, record and send a video message, how to embed the video recording in a blog, how to save the video to your computer and how to import a list of contacts from your email address book. This course will be of great interest to teachers and trainers who want to integrate Web technologies into the teaching environment and who want to learn about using new Web applications that will greatly enhance the learning experience of their students.