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Create a Budget that Works



Personal Development

David Lieberman, Judy Lawrence





"Creating a Personal Budget: How to Make a Personal Budget" guides you through a five-step process, using transformative tools and concepts, for finally developing a spending plan that works for you and incorporates all those various financial puzzle pieces that make up your personal financial world.

This Creating a Personal Budget course will teach you how to budget by explaining and showing how all the pieces work together.

Based on the best-selling workbook, The Budget Kit: Common Cents Money Management Workbook (Kaplan Publishers), which has been selling in national bookstores for over thirty years, the tools and concepts are flexible and adaptable, making them tools you will use for a lifetime. You can use the tools as a stand-alone budgeting system or apply them to other software or online programs you’re currently using.

Even though you may have used variations of these budgeting tools with the many budgeting products available, there was probably still something missing.  This course provides the missing piece.

After going through this Creating a Personal Budget course, and learning how to make a personal budget, outline and work with a comprehensive and realistic budget/spending plan for the month, as well as the year, you will have a better understanding of why your other budgeting attempts were not working.

You will receive many valuable materials including "The Budget Kit 6th Ed." eBook, PDFs of the dozens of worksheets found in the workbook, along with an Excel Package of prime worksheets.

With nearly three hours of video by the author sharing her decades of experience with you and specific homework using the course materials, rest assured, this time you will have a lifelong system that works and will bring you mastery, confidence and financial peace of mind.

Here’s what some satisfied customers/clients said about Judy’s style and body of work:

“Just wanted to thank you for your time and assistance today. You were very helpful in resolving my problems. As we discussed, I have your budget software to be really great. I have tried several in the past. However, I found your software and book to be outstanding!!”   - Larry

“I continue to study (and love your Budget Kit. Thanks for holding my hand and getting me going.”   - Elfriede

“Working with Judy, and her Budget Kit book, has helped me bring order to my financial life on a monthly basis and to clarify my big-picture financial goals. Her supportive, practical coaching style guided me towards budgeting solutions and behaviors that fit my own core values and lifestyle, and has given me a greater sense of peace and personal success.”   - Jonathon

Take this Creating a Personal Budget course and learn how to make a personal budget.