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A Beginners Guide to Excel 2010



Personal Development

Ash Anderson





Everyone that completes this Microsoft Excel 2010 training Video Course will receive a signed certificate of completion if requested.

If you want me to teach you something specific, maybe you think the course is missing something that you or another person should know about Excel, message me and I will add the videos as soon as possible. You won't find this in other Udemy Excel courses!

This Microsoft Excel 2010 training video course was designed from the ground up to teach viewers the fundamentals of working with Excel.

The course will give any user, whether they have played with Excel before or not, a working knowledge of the program with the ability to create, edit and collaborate on spreadsheets themselves.

Throughout the course I will walk you through the various functions of Excel using step by step instructions. We will start at the very beginning with how to use excel 2010, working our way through the absolute basics before moving up to working with advanced Excel functions.

By the time you have finished this course you will have the ability to list Microsoft Excel 2010 on your resume and show potential or current employers that you are now fully versed in one of the most used office tools.

Take this Excel 2010 Training for Beginners course now a lean how to use excel 2010 smartly.