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2016 Camtasia Training Masterclass: Beginner To Advanced!

from Udemy ($24)

Gain conversions, sales, & students by becoming an expert at Camtasia Studio through professional media that attracts!

24 Days to Multiplication Mastery

from Udemy ($9)

This is the ultimate course and practice routine to get your mental math up to snuff in 24 days.

2D Animation

from iTunes U (Free)

Grade 11 2D Animation The purpose of this course is to provide students with the skills and knowledge to create two-dimensional animations.Students will...

2D Digital Animation with Flash Part-1

from Udemy ($40)

Learn Flash Animation in easy steps.

2nd Grade Math Common Core Content Standards

from Udemy ($9)

A Guide to Understanding the Standards


from Udemy ($24)


4th Grade Welcome to Boyne City Middle School

from iTunes U ($29)

Are you ready for middle school? Well, if not, you will be after you check out all the Boyne City Middle School happenings in this course.

5 Amazing Psychology Experiments

from Udemy (Free)

Learn More About Human Nature Through 5 Interesting and Engaging Studies in Social Psychology

5 Brief Lessons on Biology

from Udemy ($24)

A Concise Study of Our Living World

5 Days to Becoming an Online Instructor

from iTunes U (Free)

Welcome to Boot Camp for Online Teaching! Your camp counselors are David Stein and Connie Wanstreet. You can read about us on the instructor...

5 Factors That Set You Apart in College Admission

from Udemy ($47)

An action guide that shows middle school and high school students and their parents how to gain a competitive edge.

5 Habits of Innovative Educators

from Udemy (Free)

Learn how educators can disrupt the status quo without adding any money to their budget or time to their day.

5 Steps to Teaching English Abroad

from Udemy ($24)

Step-by-step walkthrough for anyone to get abroad using your native English ability, and get the whole thing paid for.

5 Tested Ways to Grow Your Online Course

from Udemy ($9)

This mini-course covers lessons learned studying teacher entrepreneurs to help market your online course or product.

5th Grade SPN Resources

from iTunes U (Free)

This course is designed to provide resources to my fifth grade students at Boyne City Elementary. The 5th graders meet for 50 minutes every day for nine weeks. ...

600 Most Common Chinese Words - HSK Level 3 Prep

from Udemy (Free)

Structured courses with defined Chinese language learning goals- Chinese test (HSK) series

6th Grade ELA

from iTunes U (Free)

6th Grade ELA

7 Steps to Creating Your First Profitable Online Course

from Udemy ($9)

A 60-minute primer on creating and launching your first profitable online course in the next 30 days.

70 IGCSE Electricity question you can never miss before Exam

from Udemy ($9)

No Cambridge IGCSE physics student can go to the final Exam without answering these questions,

70 Ways to Pass the Physics Regents

from Udemy ($89)

70 short, informative videos covering the easiest and most commonly asked concepts on the Physics Regents!