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2D divergence theorem

from Khan Academy (Free)

2nd Amendment

from iTunes U (Free)

This course is a citizen's guide to the Second Amendment. Recent tragedies have put gun control in the headlines, and the lines of political argument are sharply drawn. But what...

2nd Grade Daily Planner

from iTunes U (Free)

Daily Planner

2nd Grade Fossils Tell of Long Ago

from iTunes U ($4)

Learn about how plants and animals become fossils, and what fossils tell us about life forms that existed millions of years ago. ...

2nd Grade Homework

from iTunes U (Free)

A tutorial video for parents on how to do homework.

2nd Grade Money, Money, Money!

from iTunes U ($6)

A second grade course to fulfill Common Core Standards requirement for 2.M.D.2. ...

2nd Grade Studies Sharks!

from iTunes U ($31)

This course studies sharks and how sharks are in more danger from people than we are from them. Children will organize facts about sharks to show their understanding of sharks...

2nd Grade Touch Money

from iTunes U (Free)

Each coin is explained and introduced using touch points to count change.

2nd Grade: Balto

from iTunes U ($14)

The students in this course will learn about the reason that the Iditarod was started. Understanding the importance of animals in history and why this incident was so important to...

2nd Grade: Bats! Bats! Bats!

from iTunes U ($22)

A second grade unit on bats including Michigan bats. This unit uses nonfiction texts at multipule reading levels, apps, videos, podcasts and lessons that incorporate the Common...

2nd Grade: Learns About the Pony Express

from iTunes U ($24)

Students will study the Pony Express and what effect it had on our country's history. In this study second graders will use cause and effect to help understand what caused the...

2nd year Irish

from iTunes U (Free)

Resources for 2nd year Irish students

3D Modeling

from iTunes U (Free)

This course is designed to allow the students to become fluent in the 3D Modeling process. ...

4th Grade ELA

from iTunes U (Free)

In ELA, students will be learning reading and writing concepts.

4th Grade Math Taylor Co. Elem.

from iTunes U (Free)

This course outlines the units for 4th grade math curriculum. Within each unit, the students must view tutorial videos, complete on-line assignments, complete minimal "paper"...

4th Grade Michigan Natural Resources

from iTunes U (Free)

A look at Michigan's Natural Resources and Industries.

4th Grade Texas History

from iTunes U (Free)

In 4th grade Social Studies we study Texas History

4th Grade Welcome to Boyne City Middle School

from iTunes U ($29)

Are you ready for middle school? Well, if not, you will be after you check out all the Boyne City Middle School happenings in this course.

4th Grade- Regions of the United States

from iTunes U ($29)

In this course, students will explore the 5 regions of the United States. They will read books, watch videos, and explore websites and apps. They will learn about the regions...

4th Grade: Creative Writing

from iTunes U ($30)

In this course students work on a writing prompt from home. We encourage our young writers to be as creative as they can be. With videos, apps, and additional resources, students...