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A Busy Teacher's Guide to RtI

from iTunes U (Free)

Is your bowl overflowing with "alphabet soup"? Are your conversations full of acronyms like CCSS, PARCC, ELL, SST, and NAEP? Just when we thought we had it figured out, along...

Allusion and Parody -- Extending the Original

from iTunes U ($17)

This brief course helps students understand what allusion and parody are and how they enhance the meaning of art, music, and literature.

Analyzing Shakespearean Sonnets

from iTunes U ($13)

This brief course is a simple tutorial to give students a way to make meaning of Shakespeare's sonnets.

Coaching With Confidence

from iTunes U ($2)

This is a year-long course designed specifically for Academic Coaches and Curriculum Coordinators. Each month, there will be information, assignments, and resources built in to...

Common Core for Busy Teachers

from iTunes U (Free)

Check this out to unlock a quick hit list of ideas and resources to use while implementing the new Common Core Curriculum...

Five Geographic Regions of Georgia

from iTunes U ($3)

This course reviews the five geographic regions of the state of Georgia.

Liberty County - iBooks

from iTunes U (Free)

iBooks created by Liberty County Educators on various topics.

Liberty Learning Experience

from iTunes U (Free)

This course will assist teachers with the basic functions of iPad and MacBook.

Planning Integrated Units for Common Core State Standards

from iTunes U (Free)

This course will give classroom teachers the necessary tools to plan exciting and engaging units to meet the new Common Core State Standards. Templates will help teachers plan with...

Unit 2 - "First Civilizations"

from iTunes U (Free)

This unit is designed to examine the rise of early civilizations and the emerging social complexity of populous societies. Students will investigate how the need for structures...

iTunes U

from iTunes U (Free)

This course will review the basic functions of iTunes U, including ...