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Age of Globalization: The Arab-Israeli Conflict (iTunes)

from iTunes U (Free)

Introduction Welcome to your IB World History of the 20th Century sub-course on The Arab-Israeli Conflict ...

Authoritarian Leaders and Single-Party States (iTunes)

from iTunes U (Free)

Introduction ...

Civil Rights in the Americas--ISC

from iTunes U (Free)

A survey of civil rights in the Americas over the last two centuries. Primary emphasis on the African-American Civil Rights movement in the USA, but with coverage of women's,...

Cours de Français Quatrième

from iTunes U (Free)

Ce cours traite de littérature et de langue française.

Français langue étrangère niveau intermédiaire

from iTunes U (Free)

Ce cours est destiné à des apprenants ayant plus d'un an de Français et qui ont déjà été exposés à une langue étrangère autre que le français. L'acquisition de la...

Français langue étrangère, débutants II

from iTunes U (Free)

This course is designed for students who have had at least one full year of previous experience in the French language. Building on the goals of the Beginning French class, there...

IB Biology NEW SYLLABUS (First exams 2016)

from iTunes U ($12)

This course is composed of videos created by Stephanie Castle, specifically aimed at addressing the understandings, applications and skills in the NEW SYLLABUS (first exams 2016)...

IB Biology OLD SYLLABUS (Last exams 2015)

from iTunes U ($1)

THIS COURSE IS NO LONGER BEING UPDATED since the launch of the new IB Biology syllabus (first exams starting 2016). You can find the updated iTunes U course for...

IB Physics Help @ISH

from iTunes U ($9)

A video podcast for high school students studying IBDP Physics. Esentially, this course consists of higher quality videos of my podcast ( ...

Língua, Produção e Literatura - 8ª série

from iTunes U (Free)

O ensino de Língua Portuguesa da 8ª série tem como finalidade aprofundar os conhecimentos literários, preparando-os para ingressar no Ensino Médio. Para tanto, o trabalho...

Physical Education

from iTunes U (Free)

L'éducation physique et sportive (EPS), ou simplement éducation physique, est le nom donné à l'enseignement sportif et/ou physique dans le cadre scolaire. C’est une pratique...


from iTunes U (Free)

Documentos, presentaciones, vídeos y vocabulario.

Student/Parent Resources

from iTunes U (Free)

In this location you will find student and parent resources relevant to the Secondary School division of the International School of Curitiba (ISC), including the current grade...