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A Stitch in Time: Civilizations and Storytelling

from iTunes U ($29)

In this course, students investigate how myth and storytelling fuel the rise of civilizations. Students will be reading The Lightning Thief by...

Amplify! Digital Pedagogy for Today and Tomorrow

from iTunes U ($17)

Today’s classroom is an exciting place to learn! Technology provides new and innovative ways for students to respond, interact and share their thinking as kids leverage digital...

Apps for Students With Autism Spectrum Disorders

from iTunes U ($1430)

Educators and parents struggle to find appropriate apps to use for students with special needs. The purpose of this course is to assist in determining what app features to look for...

Area Investigation: Montezuma Puzzle

from iTunes U ($35)

In this task students will investigate the concept of area of compound shapes. The introduction is via the Montezuma Puzzle App. Students will solve puzzles, design their own...

Beautiful Functions

from iTunes U (Free)

This is a Lesson idea, but really a project that spans multiple high school math courses. In this course and included book ...

Become a Citizen Journalist

from iTunes U ($4)

Mobile journalism is an emerging form of new media storytelling where reporters use portable electronic devices with network connectivity to gather, edit and distribute news from...

Building Blocks of a Song

from iTunes U ($6)

Songs are everywhere around us. But do we understand what we hear? In this course you will learn to listen more closely to songs. You will also learn how to...

Cell Survivor

from iTunes U ($30)

This course is designed for science educators teaching a lesson on plant and animal cells with students from 6th to 12th grade. ...

Climate Change Affects Everyone

from iTunes U ($14)

The goal of this self-paced course is to educate others about how environmental changes can affect all of us. Throughout this course you will gather as many interesting facts about...

Communication in 21c

from iTunes U ($32)

This Communication in 21c short course is designed to guide students through the skills and tools required for advanced (junior and senior level) exploration of communication in...

Create a Toy Challenge

from iTunes U ($24)

About This Challenge: This is one of many challenges the library offers. In the "Create a Toy Challenge", our School is collaborating with a local...

Creating & Sharing Open Educational Resources

from iTunes U ($0)

This nonlinear collection of Multi-Touch resource books are designed to support educators who are authoring content and/or guiding learners who are authoring content for...

Creating A Culture Of Innovation

from iTunes U ($36)

In an era of ubiquitous information technology and open access content, we believe that the primary purpose of education is changing. It’s now more about the environment we...

Creating Engaging Science Content

from iTunes U ($6)

New technology has made possible more engaging ways to deliver Science teaching content in a hands-on manner. An innovative way to increase student involvement is to incorporate...

Creating Inclusive Learning Environments

from iTunes U (Free)

This course is a collection of resources aimed at supporting the educational community in the creation of learning environments that are accessible and inclusive of all learners....

Curious Math: Foundations of Math

from iTunes U ($9)

Mathematics teachers from Ontario are well aware that there is a substantial learning gap that exists between the Grade 9 Academic (MPM1D) and Grade 9 Applied (MFM1P) mathematics...

Digital Sketchnotes for Visualizing Learning

from iTunes U ($20)

This course will introduce learners of all ages to the technique of creating sketchnotes on a iPad as a way of visualizing their learning. ...

Digital Tools for the Visual Arts

from iTunes U ($4)

Graphics software are the new tools of artists and designers these days, but they only enhance traditional techniques, they don't replace them. A solid...

Exploring To Kill A Mockingbird

from iTunes U ($39)

This course will explore Harper Lee's classic novel, To Kill a Mockingbird , through the lens of history, art, music, culture and current events....

Fall in Love with Real-Life Math

from iTunes U ($46)

Day in and day out, math teachers hear the same question: “Why do I need to learn this?” One of the Math teachers Peter Caryotakis follows up with an answer: “Because knowing...