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Climate Change

from iTunes U ($134)

These speakers take the TED stage to illuminate the nature and scale of current-day climate science, policy and ethics. They explore the economics and psychology of individual and...

Covering World News

from iTunes U ($34)

Live from the TED stage, these media executives, journalists and authors explore how our ability to understand and participate in a global society is helped or hindered by western...

Creative Problem Solving

from iTunes U (Free)

These speakers from TED assess the prevailing model of education reform by answering the critical question: How do we create educational environments that maximize how students...

Cyber-Influence & Power

from iTunes U ($244)

Activists, academics and statesmen come together at TED to delve into new ideas about how power and influence come about in the digital age. With them, we’ll consider how...

Ecofying Cities

from iTunes U ($79)

TED speakers reveal ideas about sustainable development (and redevelopment): it’s not about setting limits, going without, or preparing for the worst. Rather solutions can be...

Excavating Origins

from iTunes U (Free)

What makes us human? How did we come to be, and what could we be in the future? These TED speakers tackle humanity’s oldest and deepest questions by playing with primates,...

Exploring Robotics

from iTunes U (Free)

Robotics pioneers provoke the philosophical debate about the nature of intelligence and social relationships between man and machine. In this collection, TED speakers open the door...

Exploring the Evolution of Language

from iTunes U (Free)

These TED speakers draw from primatology, paleontology, neurological imaging, psycholinguistic experiments and the 500 billion words in our written record to explain how humans...

Exploring the Geometry of Form

from iTunes U (Free)

Artists, architects, mathematicians and scientists reveal the mathematics that describe the shapes and structures all around us. This cross-disciplinary collection uncovers the...

Ingenuity in the Developing World

from iTunes U (Free)

Designers, engineers and inventors share innovations at TED that are saving and improving lives in the developing world. These individuals and teams are tackling tough issues with...

Leading Wisely

from iTunes U (Free)

Live at TED, these speakers share powerful insights about corporate executives and managers who inspire their employees to get great results. Great management in a turbulent...

Mapping and Manipulating the Brain

from iTunes U ($79)

With a hundred billion neurons and a hundred trillion connections between them, the brain may seem too byzantine to map. But neuroscientists are using an array of techniques to...

Mastering Tech-Artistry

from iTunes U (Free)

Take a dive into a world where mobile technologies, social networks, software engineering, robotics and structural engineering come together to create works of art that astonish,...

Reimagine the Designer

from iTunes U (Free)

Live from the TED stage, these leaders in design share how a new approach to their work, design thinking, is allowing them to deliver more creative solutions and redefine their...

Rethinking Cancer

from iTunes U (Free)

At TED, these speakers give the talk of their lives about the prevention, detection and treatment of one of the leading causes of death worldwide - cancer. Question fundamental...

Reworking the Western Diet

from iTunes U ($233)

Today’s western diet —heavy in corn, soy, meat and dairy, processed and high in refined sugars—has a super-sized image problem. Its critics connect it to a range of human...

The Deep Ocean

from iTunes U ($34)

Aquatic explorers take the TED stage to share what they’ve seen in the abyss of Earth’s last frontier: the deep ocean. Home to massive underwater mountains and valleys, giant...

The Edge of Knowledge

from iTunes U ($81)

The Edge of Knowledge explores the fascinating implications of some of science's most perplexing theories: quantum mechanics, general relativity and attempts to...

Understanding Happiness

from iTunes U ($148)

Live from the TED stage, these explorers of the mind chart our understanding of how happiness is created and cultivated. Their insights challenge our most basic cultural,...

Understanding Islam

from iTunes U ($163)

These speakers take the TED stage to talk about Islam, the faith practiced by more than 1.5 billion people worldwide and often misunderstood by many non-Muslims. These writers,...