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7th Period Theology 4

from iTunes U (Free)

Theology 4: Catholic Social Teaching. Period 7 with Ms. Lundin. ...

8th Period Theology 4

from iTunes U (Free)

Theology 4 that meets during 8th period with Ms. Lundin. ...

9th Grade Sacred Scripture

from iTunes U (Free)

9th Grade Scripture: In Scripture we study the Word of God, the Holy Bible, as a gift given by God to all people, recorded through the inspired writings...

A Biblical Model for 21st Century Worship

from iTunes U (Free)

This is a worship methods course that makes application of formational, transformational, relational, missional, and reproducible worship to daily living. Using materials and...


from iTunes U (Free)

A study of the growth and development of the first century Church as recorded by the accurate historian, Luke. Special attention will be given to the activity of the Holy Spirit in...

Acts & Romans - Dr. Robert Cara

from iTunes U ($28)

Acts and Romans offers biblical content and hermeneutical tools for the faithful use of these books in Christian ministry. Dr. Cara, an expert in the Luke-Acts narrative, explores...

Administration of a Children's Ministry

from iTunes U (Free)

Building upon a biblical definition, description, and illustration(s) of models of leadership and extracting principles and practices from contemporary examples of efficient and...

Advanced Biblical Exegesis - Dr. Richard Belcher & Dr. Robert Cara

from iTunes U ($14)

The purpose of this course is for the student to interact with a variety of hermeneutical issues: redemptive-historical interpretations, covenant theology, the role of the...

Advanced Marriage and Family Counseling

from iTunes U (Free)

This course is an experiential exploration of selected, major treatment approaches utilized in premarital, marital and family counseling. Development of practical skills,...

Advanced Student Ministry

from iTunes U (Free)

This course is a careful analysis of methods, curriculum, staffing, promotion, and facilities of the total youth program.

American Christianity

from iTunes U (Free)

A study of the beginnings of Christianity in America to the present. Includes the European background, colonial Christianity, the first Great Awakening, the rise of the United...

American Presbyterianism - Dr. Don Fortson

from iTunes U (Free)

This class picks up where History of Christianity 2 left as it explores the development and growth of Reformed doctrine in England, and then moves to examine the Puritan colonies...

Analytic Techniques

from iTunes U (Free)

This course is a foundational course for graduate contemporary music theory practices. The study includes a thorough investigation of jazz and extended harmonies used in...


from iTunes U (Free)

A survey of the evidences for the central truths of Christianity: the existence of God, the deity and resurrection of Christ, and the authority and truth of the Bible.

Apologetics and the New Testament

from iTunes U (Free)

An investigation of key issues in the study of the New Testament with a focus upon defending the truthfulness of the New Testament. Focused attention will be given to the Synoptic...

Balanced Worship

from iTunes U (Free)

This is a course that looks at the various responsibilities worship leaders have in building balanced, well-conceived ministries with other entities in the church. Consideration is...

Basic Conducting

from iTunes U (Free)

This course is a continuation of WMUS 515 and focuses on developing advanced instruction in conducting techniques in traditional and non-traditional settings. Specific attention is...

Beginning Greek I

from iTunes U (Free)

Introduction to Greek grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation for the beginning student.

Beginning Greek II

from iTunes U (Free)

Continuation of Beginning Greek I. The student completes the study of grammar and begins a study of translation of the New Testament.

Beginning Hebrew

from iTunes U (Free)

Introduces the student to the basic Hebrew grammar and pronunciation. Emphasis is placed on the strong verb.