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1:1 Digital Citizenship - December 2013

from iTunes U (Free)

It is essential for students to understand appropriate online behavior. This two-part module on cyberbullying has been designed to help students think critically, behave safely,...

2D/3D Animation

from iTunes U (Free)

An introduction to 2D and 3D design concepts and terminology. Practical experience in the design and evaluation of 2D/3D still and motion graphics. Students gain practical...

7th and 8th Grade iPad Review

from iTunes U (Free)

iPad Revisited is a review of the rules and procedures for 7th and 8th graders included in the district's 1:1 initiative.

8th Grade Computers & Technology

from iTunes U ($4)

This is an 8th grade computers and technology course that gives students an understanding of the internet, internet safety, basic troubleshooting, use of online presentation tools,...

After New Media

from iTunes U ($32)

This course builds on, and challenges, existing approaches to media by tracing the transition from debates on new media to debates on mediation. ‘Mediation’ takes us from a...

After New Media 2015-16

from iTunes U (Free)

After New Media will run in the Spring term with weekly downloadable lectures released every Monday between 11th January and 15th March 2016. ...

Alice Programming

from iTunes U (Free)

Alice Programming is course that teaches programming in a 3d world with drop and drag methods.

App Smashing - Creating an iBook

from iTunes U ($9)

App Smashing is the practice of using various apps to create, edit and compile one single end product. ...

Apps for Research and Media Literacy

from iTunes U (Free)

This is a collection of apps and web resources recommended by the Library and Information Services department at Lake Forest Academy. Teachers and students alike will benefit from...

Become a Citizen Journalist

from iTunes U ($4)

Mobile journalism is an emerging form of new media storytelling where reporters use portable electronic devices with network connectivity to gather, edit and distribute news from...

Being an International Digital Citizen

from iTunes U ($39)

Welcome to Roslyn's China Initiative. As part of this program, each of you will be expected to maintain and establish a weblog, or blog, to document your adventure. Using your...

Best Practice & Protocols using iPads

from iTunes U (Free)

This course has been put together by the Digital Leaders at Hove Park. It is designed to give you a clear understanding of the workflow methods and protocols when using iPads in...

Branding, content, and social media

from iTunes U (Free)

“You can buy attention (advertising). You can beg for attention from the media (PR). You can bug people one at a time to get attention (sales). Or you can earn attention by...

Brandon Schrand: Reading in the Kindle Age

from iTunes U ($9)

Award winning author and Southern Utah University alumnus Brandon Schrand spoke to a crowd of students, faculty, staff, and community members about Reading in the Kindle Age.

CHS - Beginning Graphic Design

from iTunes U (Free)

CLASS LOCATION: Mr. Giglia's Media Lab in the High School...

CHS - Beginning Video Production

from iTunes U (Free)

CLASS LOCATION: Mr. Giglia's Media Lab in the High School west wing. DESCRIPTION: ...

Career Portals

from iTunes U (Free)

Career Portals will use technology skills to explore various careers, career paths, and business skills.

Communications Technology I

from iTunes U ($19)

This course provides students with instruction in the characteristics and evolution of technology, underlying principles of design, and fundamental knowledge and skills in the use...

Computer Programming

from iTunes U (Free)

Students begin learning how to code by joining a course under Miss Fish (information is emailed to them). ( After completion of this course students...

Computer Science

from iTunes U (Free)

Welcome to a unit designed for 2013-2014 students to integrate geospatial technologies such as Google Earth and GPS and use those tools to integrate into building an app using...