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Brick by Brick- Lego Instruction Guides

from iTunes U ($22)

In this lesson your students will engineer their own LEGO builds and create LEGO instruction guides using Keynote. These guides will be published in a digital eBook format or...

Digital Electronics

from iTunes U ($2)

This course introduces you to the digital logic circuits that underpin all the smart devices around you, from computers and mobile phones to traffic lights and toasters. Using just...

Engine Performance

from iTunes U ($1)

NATEF Area A8: Engine Performance to be emphasized. Course covers fundamental theory of engine and power train electronics. Emphasis on General Engine Diagnosis; Computerized...

Engineering and Robotics

from iTunes U ($42)

String Theory Highschool iTunes U course for all major related courses and electives. All things Engineering + Design.

Introduction to Engineering Design

from iTunes U ($126)

Introduction to Engineering and the Design Process ...

Processing Composites I

from iTunes U ($9)

This course covers the properties and forms of various resins used in manufacturing commercial bag and vacuum composites and the processes for commercial application. Emphasis is...