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"The Watsons Go to Birmingham-1963" by Christopher Paul Curtis

from iTunes U (Free)

Guided reading activities for middle school students who are reading the award-winning Christopher Paul Curtis historical fiction novel "The Watsons Go to Birmingham".

"Uma experiência democrática no Brasil Republicano"

from iTunes U (Free)

As interpretações e versões dos fatos históricos não são definitivas. Elas são elaboradas e reelaboradas a partir das perguntas que os historiadores do presente fazem sobre...

07EN - English

from iTunes U (Free)

Year 7 English

07GE - Geography

from iTunes U (Free)

Year 7 Geography

07HI - History

from iTunes U (Free)

Year 7 History

07MA - Maths

from iTunes U (Free)

General Year 7 Maths

07SI - Science

from iTunes U (Free)

Year 7 Science

1-Dynamic Planet - Ultimate Dinosaurs 101A

from iTunes U (Free)

This course centres around the main themes of the Royal Ontario Museum -developed exhibit Ultimate Dinosaurs: Giants from...

1.Sınıf İngilizce

from iTunes U (Free)


10개 경제사 테마로 본 한국 근현대사

from iTunes U (Free)

식민지 지배를 겪고 분단과 전쟁의 격동기를 보냈던 한국 근현대사에서 경제 분야의 중요한 쟁점을 짚어보고자 한다. 근대주의라는...

1:1 Digital Citizenship - December 2013

from iTunes U (Free)

It is essential for students to understand appropriate online behavior. This two-part module on cyberbullying has been designed to help students think critically, behave safely,...

1:1 Program

from iTunes U ($4)

A small course which will help students and parents follow our 1:1 roll out with apps and information. Made primarily for the British School of Brussels 1:1 project.

2. Sınıflar Görsel Sanatlar Dersi

from iTunes U (Free)

Eyüboğlu Eğitim Kurumları’nda öğrenciler Görsel Sanatlar derslerinde, gelişim özellikleri göz önünde tutularak, kişisel ve toplumsal yönden sağlıklı, yapıcı,...

2.Sınıf İngilizce

from iTunes U (Free)


2011-12 Phoenix-Literary & Arts Magazine

from iTunes U (Free)

The 2011-12 edition of the printed Phoenix Literary and Arts Magazine in electronic format. ...

2014 Season Utah Shakespeare Festival

from iTunes U (Free)

Love, Death, and Everything in between at the Utah Shakespeare Festival in 2014. This course contains all materials relating to the 2014 season. Alternatively, materials for each...

2nd Grade Fossils Tell of Long Ago

from iTunes U ($4)

Learn about how plants and animals become fossils, and what fossils tell us about life forms that existed millions of years ago. ...

2nd Grade Money, Money, Money!

from iTunes U ($6)

A second grade course to fulfill Common Core Standards requirement for 2.M.D.2. ...

2nd Grade Studies Sharks!

from iTunes U ($31)

This course studies sharks and how sharks are in more danger from people than we are from them. Children will organize facts about sharks to show their understanding of sharks...

2nd Grade: Balto

from iTunes U ($14)

The students in this course will learn about the reason that the Iditarod was started. Understanding the importance of animals in history and why this incident was so important to...