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AP Psychology: Part 1 — AP PSY 059

from Brigham Young University ($144)

This is a rigorous course that discusses in-depth information about personal and others' behavior. This series will prepare students to pass the AP Psychology exam for college...

AP Psychology: Part 2 — AP PSY 060

from Brigham Young University ($144)

This rigorous course continues the study of psychology and behavior. This series will prepare students to pass the AP Psychology exam for college credit; it is recommended that...

Abnormal Psychology — PSYCH 342

from Brigham Young University ($534)

Dynamics of maladjustment; major psychological disorders and therapeutic procedures. Fieldwork required.

Adolescent Development in the Family and Other Social Contexts — SFL 333

from Brigham Young University ($534)

Examining the developmental and social contexts of adolescents with emphasis on the importance of the family. Other contexts include peers, religion, community, schools, and...

Adult Development and Aging in the Family — SFL 334

from Brigham Young University ($534)

Adjustments to physical, emotional, social, and economic changes. Needs arising from changes in family relationships, living arrangements, and employment; retirement planning.

Alaska History — HIST 053

from Brigham Young University ($144)

This course encourages students to think about the history and continuing challenges unique to Alaska. The lessons present Alaskan geography, indigenous history, exploration,...

American Government and Politics — POLI 110

from Brigham Young University ($534)

Origin and development of federal Constitution; national, state, and local governments and politics.

American Government: Part 1 — GOVT 041

from Brigham Young University ($144)

This course examines the American system of government, including its origins, development, citizen rights, voting, public opinion, Congress, the lawmaking process, and fiscal...

American Government: Part 2 — GOVT 043

from Brigham Young University ($144)

This course examines American government, including the presidency, foreign policy, the bureaucracy, the court system, state government, local government, and future government....

American Political Parties — POLI 316

from Brigham Young University ($534)

Electoral and policy-making roles of American political parties today and their future in American politics.

Behavioral Neurobiology — PSYCH 381

from Brigham Young University ($534)

Basic physiological, anatomical, and chemical foundations of psychology.

Character of America: Documents and Symbols — USA 041

from Brigham Young University ($52)

This course discusses some of the documents and symbols that contribute to the character of America, including the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, the flag, and national...

Character of America: The People — USA 043

from Brigham Young University ($52)

This course discusses some of the people who have contributed or are still contributing to the character of America, including the presidents and the Founding Fathers, as well as...

Child Life in Healthcare Settings — SFL 359

from Brigham Young University ($534)

Roles of child life specialists in preparing children and families for health-care experiences. Content includes psychosocial and developmental needs of children, adolescents, and...

Current Events — SOCSC 041

from Brigham Young University ($144)

This course investigates what is happening in the world today, including significant events, behind-the-scenes causes, who's who, and future trends. It teaches students how to...

Current Social Problems — SOC 112

from Brigham Young University ($534)

Individual deviance (violence, insanity, drugs, sex, crime, etc.) and social disorganization (poverty, race and sex discrimination, divorce, overpopulation, etc.). Conditions,...

Developmental Psychology: Childhood — PSYCH 320

from Brigham Young University ($534)

Physical, mental, emotional, and social development of the child.

Family Adaptation and Resiliency — SFL 335

from Brigham Young University ($534)

Understanding family resiliency and building family strengths in normative transitions (birth, death, job) and nonnormative transitions (divorce, disability, remarriage, poverty,...

Family Finance — SFL 260

from Brigham Young University ($534)

Introduction to time value of money, budgeting, saving, credit, taxes, housing, insurance, and investing, emphasizing practical application in the home.

Family Life — Parenting: Developing Self-Reliant People

from Brigham Young University (Free)