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Business and its Environment: An Overview of Business and the Role of Finance in Business

from edX (Free)

Introduction to the ways that business is related to, and interacts with, individuals, groups and institutions in the current U.S. environment.

Effects of Radiation: An Introduction to Radiation and Radioactivity

from edX (Free)

Learn from Hokkaido University in Japan about the detection, measurement, chemistry, and effects of radiation in industry, medicine, and society.

Energy ─ The Technology You Must Know in the 21st Century | 能源 ─ 21世紀你必須了解的科技!

from edX (Free)

A comprehensive introduction to existing and emerging energy technologies and their applications. (Taught in Mandarin)

Enhancing Teacher Education Through OER

from edX (Free)

Open Educational Resources (OER) for Teacher Education: Adapting and Utilizing OER from TESS-India

Introducción a la Ingeniería del Helicóptero

from edX (Free)

El curso proporciona una introducción del conocimiento aplicado de la aerodinámica, aeromecánica, mecánica del vuelo, estructura e ingeniería de los sistemas del helicóptero,...

Responsabilidad Social Corporativa y su impacto sobre la Gestión de la Tecnología de la Información

from edX (Free)

Transformando las organizaciones hacia un liderazgo digital a través de la Responsabilidad Social Corporativa y Gobernanza Corporativa de TI, desde la Universidad Politécnica de...

The Biology of Water and Health - Sustainable Interventions

from edX (Free)

Tufts University presents how to promote safe water conservation and implement sustainable solutions in order to improve public health. 

The Biology of Water and Health – Fundamentals

from edX (Free)

Learn from Tufts University about the provision of safe water, sanitation and sustainability to improve global public health.