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AP Computer Science A: Java Programming

from edX (Free)

Learn the basics of object-oriented programming in Java and prepare for the AP Computer Science A exam.

Business Accounting Basics

from edX (Free)

Learn the basics of the four financial statements to help analyze business investments and make profitable decisions.

Communicating Strategically

from edX (Free)

Improving communication skills and presentation effectiveness for scientists, engineers, and professionals.

Fundamentals of Nanoelectronics, Part B: Quantum Transport

from edX (Free)

Explore quantum transport in nanoscale devices and spintronics in this introductory nanotechnology course.

Fundamentals of Nanoelectronics: Basic Concepts

from edX (Free)

Presents key concepts in nanoelectronics and mesoscopic physics and relates them to the traditional view of electron flow in solids.

Introduction to Bioelectricity

from edX (Free)

Understand how biological systems generate electrical signals, and how they can be recorded and induced with manufactured devices.

Nanophotonic Modeling

from edX (Free)

Learn a comprehensive set of simulation techniques to predict the performance of photonic nanostructures.

Nanotechnology: Fundamentals of Nanotransistors

from edX (Free)

Explore nanotechnology and gain an understanding of the essential physics and technology of nanotransistors.

Organic Electronic Devices

from edX (Free)

Using molecules and polymers to create the next generation of electronic devices.

Personal Finance Planning

from edX (Free)

Manage your money more effectively by learning practical solutions to key investment, credit, insurance and retirement questions.

Principles of Electronic Biosensors

from edX (Free)

An in-depth analysis of the origin of extraordinary sensitivity, fundamental limits, and operating principles of modern biosensors.