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LouvainX: Louv1.01x: Paradigms of Computer Programming

from edX (Free)

This course gives an introduction to all major programming concepts, techniques, and paradigms in a unified framework. We cover the three main programming paradigms: functional,...

LouvainX: Louv2.01x: International Human Rights

from edX (Free)

Human rights develop through the constant dialogue between international human rights bodies and domestic courts, in a search that crosses geographical, cultural and legal...

LouvainX: Louv3.01x: Découvrir la science politique

from edX (Free)

Décoder des enjeux politiques actuels à partir d’une boîte à outils de concepts fondamentaux et de postures critiques de la science politique.

LouvainX: Louv4.01x: Ressources naturelles et développement durable

from edX (Free)

Ce cours sera enseigné en français....