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KIx: KIBehMedx: Behavioral Medicine: A Key to Better Health

from edX (Free)

Learn how to change everyday behaviors for healthier lives using basic behavioral medicine concepts. Test yourself with virtual patient scenarios.

KIx: KIExploRx: Explore Statistics with R

from edX (Free)

Learn statistics in a practical, experimental way, through statistical programming with R, using examples from the health sciences. We will take you on a journey from basic...

KIx: KIGlobalHx: An Introduction to Global Health

from edX (Free)

Understanding challenges and solutions to global health issues from an inter-disciplinary perspective.

KIx: KIPractihx : Pragmatic Randomized Controlled Trials in Health Care

from edX (Free)

Pragmatic randomized controlled trials reliably work out which of several healthcare interventions works best under real-world conditions.