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10 minutes to know Beijing

from Udemy (Free)

An overview of the capital of China

100+ Ways To Promote, Market & Sell Your Online Course

from Udemy ($24)

How to make your online course a best-seller

100K Udemy Academy: Gathering Information For Course Content

from Udemy (Free)

The Complete Guide On Where To Source Amazing Content For Your Course

100k Udemy Academy - Finding Killer Course Ideas That Sell

from Udemy (Free)

How To Find Extremely Profitable And Popular Course Ideas Every Single Time

101 - The Fossil Record vs. Evolution

from Udemy (Free)

A look at the fossil record to see if it supports the idea that humanity evolved from a chimp like ancestor.

102 - Water Wise: Evidence for a Worldwide Flood

from Udemy ($9)

The Bible says God flooded the whole earth in the days of Noah. Did this really happen? What does the evidence say?

11+ Exam Preparation / UK Grammar and Private Schools

from Udemy ($24)

A set of resources that build on and enhance the skills you need to get as high a grade as possible on all 3 papers.

15 Concepts to Know for the Chemistry Regents

from Udemy ($20)

Gain the confidence and knowledge needed to pass the Chemistry Regents with these 15 often asked concepts!

15 habits of great History teachers

from Udemy ($24)

By a History teacher, for History teachers

2 - Concepts of Statistics For Beginner level to advance

from Udemy ($24)

Course covers everything that beginners need to know about Statistics. and how they learn numericals of statistics

20 High Quality Lessons From A Six Figure Marketer

from Udemy ($24)

In this course you will find out 20 key strategies for a healthy and successful mindset that will lead you to prosperity

2014 Great Decisions: Foreign Policy Association

from Udemy ($24)

Learn leading foreign policy challenges confronting U.S. policy makers and the American public

2015 Great Decisions: Foreign Policy Association

from Udemy ($24)

Learn about leading foreign policy challenges confronting U.S. policy makers and the American public.

2016 CFA Level 1 Economics Quick Review

from Udemy ($20)

Do a quick review of the Economics topics before the CFA exam

2016 CFA Level 1 Quantitative Methods Review

from Udemy ($20)

This course will help you do a quick review of Quantitative Methods in 2 hours

2016 Camtasia Training Masterclass: Beginner To Advanced!

from Udemy ($24)

Gain conversions, sales, & students by becoming an expert at Camtasia Studio through professional media that attracts!

24 Days to Multiplication Mastery

from Udemy ($9)

This is the ultimate course and practice routine to get your mental math up to snuff in 24 days.

2D Digital Animation with Flash Part-1

from Udemy ($40)

Learn Flash Animation in easy steps.

2nd Grade Math Common Core Content Standards

from Udemy ($9)

A Guide to Understanding the Standards


from Udemy ($24)