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10 CSS3 Projects: Branding and Presentation

from Tutsplus (Subscription)

In this course you’ll be using CSS3 to complete ten branding and presentation projects, from a personal business card to a PowerPoint-style presentation. These projects will help...

A/B Testing for Web Designers

from Tutsplus (Subscription)

This course begins with the basics of A/B Testing. We’ll look at examples of how it works, and walk you through setting up tests using three major testing platforms. Then we’ll...

Bootstrap 3.0 Essentials

from Tutsplus (Subscription)

Version 3.0 of Twitter Bootstrap is a major change from all its past versions. It is a mobile-first framework and can claim to be one of the best CSS frameworks for building...

Building WordPress Themes With Bootstrap

from Tutsplus (Subscription)

In this course you're going to learn how to convert a portfolio HTML template into a WordPress theme. Along the way, you'll learn the basics of WordPress theme development as well...

Create a Full-Stack Rails and Ember App

from Tutsplus (Subscription)

Ember.js is a powerful front-end framework for single-page applications, with a recent major upgrade to version 2. Ruby on Rails is one of the oldest and most popular back-end...

Designing for Social Media

from Tutsplus (Subscription)

In this course, Gary Simon will show you how to effectively design branding and advertising materials for use on social media outlets including Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and...

How to Become a Web Developer: jQuery and Bootstrap

from Tutsplus (Subscription)

Web development can be a daunting topic to get started with. Not only are there are a number of basic languages to learn—HTML, CSS, and JavaScript—but there are also so many...

How to Get Homepage Design Approval

from Tutsplus (Subscription)

One of the biggest challenges we face as web designers is getting stakeholders to agree on the homepage. Organizations often have far too many people wanting their content on the...