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Economic Issues, Food & You

from coursera (Free)

This course emphasizes the role of economics regarding its influence on food prices, the environment, and government policies. The primary objective of this course is to explore...

Fixing Healthcare Delivery

from coursera (Free)

Isn’t it time to end the loss of life from preventable medical errors?...

Fundamentals of Human Nutrition

from coursera (Free)

This introductory course provides an overview of the principles of nutritional science. Subject matter includes description and functions of nutrients, digestion and absorption,...

Global Sustainable Energy: Past, Present and Future

from coursera (Free)

Students will explore energy consumption patterns including individuals, countries and the entire globe. These patterns will include all sectors of the global economy from fully...

Music's Big Bang: The Genesis of Rock 'n' Roll

from coursera (Free)

Explores the factors — musical and cultural — that led to the birth of American rock 'n' roll music in the early 1950s.

Personal & Family Financial Planning

from coursera (Free)

Personal and Family Financial Planning will address many critical personal financial management topics in order to help you learn prudent habits both while in school and throughout...

Structure Standing Still: The Statics of Everyday Objects

from coursera (Free)

The Statics of Everyday Objects is a course about how structures react to forces exerted on them while remaining unmoved.

Sustainable Agricultural Land Management

from coursera (Free)

This course will cover the agricultural and urban water quality issues in Florida, their bases, land and nutrient management strategies, and the science and policy behind the best...

The American Disease: Drugs and Drug Control in the USA

from coursera (Free)

This online course introduces the history and practice of drug policy. Students will learn about drug laws and their origins, and the complex task of drug policy analysis. The...

The Global Student's Introduction to U.S. Law

from coursera (Free)

This course will provide students from around the world an introduction to the legal system of the United States.

The Horse Course: Introduction to Basic Care and Management

from coursera (Free)

There are over 100 million horses, donkeys and mules in the world today and owners of these animals can be found on almost every continent and in almost every society. The Horse...

The Meat We Eat

from coursera (Free)

The Meat We Eat is a course designed to create a more informed consumer about the quality, safety, healthfulness and sustainability of muscle foods and address current issues in...