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Abortion: Quality Care and Public Health Implications

from coursera (Free)

Abortion is a common experience for women around the world; yet, abortion is often excluded from the curricula of health professionals. This course, geared toward clinicians,...

Caries Management by Risk Assessment (CAMBRA)

from coursera (Free)

This course will provide the scientific basis for caries (dental decay) risk assessment and practice interventions. You will immediately be able to apply “caries management by...

Clinical Problem Solving

from coursera (Free)

Participants will learn how to move efficiently from patient signs and symptoms to a rational and prioritized set of diagnostic possibilities and will learn how to study and read...

Collaboration and Communication in Healthcare: Interprofessional Practice

from coursera (Free)

Interprofessional collaborative practice is key to safe, high quality, accessible, patient-centered care. This course aims to introduce health professions learners to the...

Contraception: Choices, Culture and Consequences

from coursera (Free)

Learn about the wide range of contraceptive methods, and the public health implications related to access to information and choices about reproductive health.

Diabetes: Diagnosis, Treatment, and Opportunities

from coursera (Free)

This multidisciplinary course will emphasize the diagnosis and treatment of diabetes. Topics will include patient self-management, appropriate use of technologies, nutrition,...

Ethical and Social Challenges of Genomic and Precision Medicine

from coursera (Free)

Knowledge linking genomics to health and disease is rapidly expanding. Translation of this knowledge into clinical and public health practice offers promising opportunities but...

Genomic and Precision Medicine

from coursera (Free)

A critical, unbiased introduction to using new genomic tools for diagnosing and managing disease.

Introduction to Clinical Neurology

from coursera (Free)

An overview of the relevant aspects of the epidemiology, clinical presentation, basic disease mechanisms, diagnostic approaches and treatment options of the most common...

Nutrition for Health Promotion and Disease Prevention

from coursera (Free)

This course covers the basics of normal nutrition for optimal health outcomes and evidence-based diets for a variety of diseases.

Poisonings in the Home and Community: Assessment and Emergency Response

from coursera (Free)

This is a survey course on the principles of Clinical Toxicology. The emphasis will be pre-hospital and emergency hospital management of poisonings with a case-oriented lecture...

Understanding Research: An Overview for Health Professionals

from coursera (Free)

Participants will learn the elements of research methods and design that are essential to the translation of knowledge into clinical practice, administration/leadership, and health...