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Beyond Silicon Valley: Growing Entrepreneurship in Transitioning Economies

from coursera (Free)

Explore how communities in transitioning economies around the world are working to enable the growth of entrepreneurship when the resources from the private sector alone are...

Conversations that Inspire: Coaching Learning, Leadership and Change

from coursera (Free)

Coaching can inspire and motivate people to learn, change and be effective leaders, among other roles in life. Although most attempts are “coaching for compliance” (coaching...

Inspiring Leadership through Emotional Intelligence

from coursera (Free)

Emotional intelligence, hope, mindfulness, and compassion help a person reverse the damage of chronic stress and build great leadership relationships. The Positive and Negative...

Introduction to International Criminal Law

from coursera (Free)

Taught by one of the world’s leading experts in the field, this course will educate students about the fundamentals of international criminal law and policy. We will explore the...

Representing the Professional Athlete

from coursera (Free)

An immersive experience in the world of sports that will take students through the four stages of the professional athlete's career. Utilizing lectures, guest speakers and...

Take the Lead on Healthcare Quality Improvement

from coursera (Free)

This course presents the concepts and processes of quality improvement (QI) and the importance of QI in improving patient outcomes. Its aim is to enhance the competence of working...

Women in Leadership: Inspiring Positive Change

from coursera (Free)

This course aims to inspire and empower women and men across the world to engage in purposeful career development and take on leadership for important causes—to lead change with...