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Informatik für Ökonomen

from coursera (Free)

Computer haben unser Leben tiefgreifend verändert. Um die heutige Gesellschaft und Wirtschaft und deren stetigen Veränderungen zu verstehen, muss man wissen, wie Computer...

Introduction to Statistics for the Social Sciences

from coursera (Free)

This course exposes students to the logic of statistical reasoning and its application in the quantitative social sciences. It is meant as a thorough but accessible introduction to...

Sagas and Space - Thinking Space in Viking Age and Medieval Scandinavia

from coursera (Free)

Explore with us the fascinating ways of thinking about space in Viking Age and Old Norse culture. Together we will discuss how space is conceptualised and depicted in diverse Old...

Spacebooks. An Introduction To Extraterrestrial Literature

from coursera (Free)

Learn about how our imagination of the universe and its inhabitants was shaped by literature throughout the last 400 years.

Sprachtechnologie in den Digital Humanities

from coursera (Free)

Lernen Sie die wichtigsten sprachtechnologischen Methoden kennen, um Texte mit digitalen Werkzeugen zu erschliessen!

Teaching goes massive: new skills required

from coursera (Free)

The course offers a review of (at least) the business, legal, pedagogical and technical aspects of MOOCs, destined to higher education professionals who might feel threatened by...