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Shakespeare in Community

from coursera (Free)

Shakespeare in Community will introduce a broad audience of learners to Shakespeare, as we collectively read, watch, and engage four plays: Romeo and Juliet, A Midsummer Night’s...

Changing Weather and Climate in the Great Lakes Region

from coursera (Free)

Join us for a 4-week learning expedition exploring the exciting weather of the Great Lakes Region, changes underway, and societal impacts of our changing climate.

Climate Change Policy and Public Health

from coursera (Free)

Explore current evidence linking climate change and public health while learning the fundamental co-benefits of climate change mitigation. Evaluate policies and interventions...

Energy and the Earth

from coursera (Free)

Learn how all energy systems depend on the finite resources of the Earth, and how this relationship can provide a unique “big picture” perspective on energy supply.

Forests and Humans: From the Midwest to Madagascar

from coursera (Free)

Explore the forests of the world, from the taiga to the tropical rainforest! Learn why humans depend on them, and how we can sustainably manage forests for us and the many species...

Human Evolution: Past and Future

from coursera (Free)

Introduction to the science of human origins, the fossil and archaeological record, and genetic ancestry of living and ancient human populations. The course emphasizes the ways our...

Markets with Frictions

from coursera (Free)

This course explores markets with frictions. The goal is to sharpen our economic reasoning, add a few twists that you are unlikely to have seen in other courses, and apply the...

The Land Ethic Reclaimed: Perceptive Hunting, Aldo Leopold, and Conservation

from coursera (Free)

The rich history of wildlife management and recreational hunting plays an important role in the evolving face of conservation. This course will explore the ethics, science, and...

Video Games and Learning

from coursera (Free)

Video games aren’t just fun, they can be powerful vehicles for learning as well. In this course, we discuss research on the kinds of thinking and learning that go into video...