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Drugs and the Brain

from coursera (Free)

The neuroscience of drugs for therapy, for prevention, and for recreation.  Drug addiction and drug abuse. You’ll learn the prospects for new generations of medications in...

Galaxies and Cosmology

from coursera (Free)

An introduction to the modern extragalactic astronomy and cosmology, the physical universe, big bang, formation and evolution of galaxies, quasars, and large-scale structure.

Principles of Economics for Scientists

from coursera (Free)

Quantitative and model-based introduction to basic ideas in economics, and applications to a wide range of real world problems.

The Caltech-JPL Summer School on Big Data Analytics

from coursera (Free)

This is an intensive, advanced summer school (in the sense used by scientists) in some of the methods of computational, data-intensive science. It covers a variety of topics from...

The Science of the Solar System

from coursera (Free)

Explore the solar system using concepts from physics, chemistry, biology, and geology. Learn the latest from Mars, explore the outer solar system, ponder planets outside our solar...