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History of Chinese Architecture

from edX (Free)

This course explores China's rich and varied architectural history. (In Mandarin with English subtitles).

Relics in Chinese History - Part 1: Agriculture and Manufacturing

from edX (Free)

Discover manufacturing and agriculture’s role in the history of China as we explore Chinese culture through artifacts and relics.

Relics of Chinese History - Part 2: Astronomy and Medicine

from edX (Free)

Discover how Astronomy and Medicine impacted the history of China as we use artifacts and relics as a guide to Chinese civilization.

Relics of Chinese History - Part 3: Writing System, Rites and Music

from edX (Free)

Discover how writing systems and music played a major role in Chinese history through the study of artifacts and relics.

Western and Chinese Art: Masters and Classics

from edX (Free)

From da Vinci to Zhang Xu, Wu Daozi and Warhol, explore immortal works of Western and Chinese art and gain an appreciation of culture, history and civilization.