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English Language Arts Grade 11

from iTunes U (Free)

In eleventh grade, students analyze and evaluate perspective in connection to purpose, audience, and task (biases). They cite strong, thorough textual evidence based on and...

English Language Arts: Grade 9

from iTunes U (Free)

In ninth grade, students focus on analysis of reading and analytical writing grounded in evidence from text. Focusing on deciphering perceptions of truth and reality, they...

Text-Dependent Analysis

from iTunes U (Free)

Pennsylvania Core Standards (PCS) identifies Text-Dependent Analysis (TDA) as the ability to "draw evidence from literary or informational texts to support analysis, reflection,...

Webb's Depth of Knowledge

from iTunes U (Free)

The instructional shifts that are part of Pennsylvania's Core Standards demand rigorous instruction and assessment practices. Webb's Depth of Knowledge is a tool to analyze the...