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BGHS AP English 4 Literature

from iTunes U ($26)

This is a survey course in British literature, focusing on the writing process in regards to literary analysis.

BGHS Ceramics 1

from iTunes U ($17)

Beginning students will become familiar with creating 3 dimensional works of art in an additive process. Various hand building techniques, such as pinch,...

BGHS Ceramics 2

from iTunes U ($17)

Students will build upon the skills acquired in Ceramics I to work with combined methods of hand-building to create more complex forms. Students will also be introduced to the...

BGHS French 4 Honors

from iTunes U ($33)

French 4 Honors is an upper level French course in which students communicate on a variety of topics using more complex structures in French and moving from concrete to more...

BGHS Honors Human Physiology

from iTunes U ($17)

Welcome to Ms. DeJoria's Honors Human Physiology class at Bishop Gorman High School. This I-Tunes U course was specifically designed for the Honors Human Physiology course. ...

BGHS Research Paper

from iTunes U ($9)

The goal of this RESEARCH PAPER course is : ...

Honors English 1 Short Story Unit

from iTunes U ($14)

Short Story Unit- 1st Quarter

Honors Geometry-Delgado

from iTunes U ($0)

This iTunes U course is created to help class move a little more smoothly as we are integrating iPads into the classroom. Hope you enjoy the year!