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Basic Latin-Mr. Bernier

from iTunes U (Free)

Basic Latin is a beginner course in the ancient language of the the Romans. In this course students learn the basics of noun and adjective declensions and verb conjugations, lots...

Fairfield Prep iPad Training

from iTunes U (Free)

iPad Training Manual for Fairfield Prep's iPad Implementation.  Incoming freshmen will follow this outline as their "textbook" in the iPad Skills course, wither in summer...

Introduction to Economics

from iTunes U (Free)

The student will be introduced to the basic principals of Economics and economic thinking through a semester of textbook work followed by a semester long project in business...

Mock Trial

from iTunes U (Free)

Mock Trial is a student club that meets after school to prepare for competition. Materials are provided by the organization that sponsors the competition. Students take on the...

Pre-Calculus - Mr. Dee

from iTunes U (Free)

Course Description ...

Western Civilization - Mr. Altieri

from iTunes U (Free)

The student will explore the heritage of Western Civilization through an examination of the cultural and political contributions of the Ancient World, the Middle Ages and the...