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11th Grade US History and Government

from iTunes U (Free)

This is a course on US History and Government. This course covers the history of the United States from its creation to the present with a focus on the Government. The class...

AP World History

from iTunes U (Free)

Explore key themes in world history, including the interaction and role of various environments, cultures, economic systems, and social structures from approximately 8000 B.C. to...

Global History & Geography 9H

from iTunes U (Free)

AP World History9 focuses on developing students’ abilities to think conceptually about world history from approximately 8000 BCE to the present and apply historical thinking...

Global History 9

from iTunes U (Free)

Global History 9 is part of a two year course that focuses on the study of World History from the Pre-Historic Period to the Age of Absolutism culminating in a NY State June...

Grade 8 American History

from iTunes U (Free)

Grade 8 American History is the second year of a two year course continuing from the Reconstruction Era to the present day.