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MYP 1 English

from iTunes U (Free)

Literature - This course is about IB MYP 1 Literature and Language

MYP 2 English

from iTunes U (Free)

This course offers the various forms of literature.

MYP 4 English

from iTunes U (Free)

Welcome to English - Language and Literature for M.Y.P 4. In the coming months you will read a range of literary forms from various genres and acquire various language skills.


from iTunes U (Free)

Three forms of story - Novel, Short Story and Drama. ...

PYP 5 English Language

from iTunes U (Free)

Literature and Language Integration and stand-alones

Poetry English

from iTunes U (Free)

This is a course on the poem If by Rudyard Kipling.The idea behind this course in to familiarize and understand how poetry can be a force of...

Theory of Knowledge DP 1 and 2

from iTunes U (Free)

TOK is a course about critical thinking and inquiring into the process of knowing, rather than about learninga specific body of knowledge.