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Close Reading and Text Dependent Questions

from iTunes U ($5)

The ELA Shifts 3 & 4 address teaching students to read analytically (close reading) and to pose questions that relate directly to the text (text dependent...

Collaboration and Communication Supported by Technology Tools

from iTunes U (Free)

Collaboration forces students to plan, adopt, adapt, rethink, and revise - all higher-level practices. Whether through apps, social media platforms, or in person, collaboration is...

Find Anything: Become a Skilled Researcher

from iTunes U ($2)

The Internet has changed the meaning of research. For today's students doing research often means "Googling." With the wealth of information on the Internet, the process of...

Using Drawing Tools to Solve Problems and Demonstrate Thinking

from iTunes U ($4)

Drawing has always been useful in a classroom. Young students draw pictures to express thoughts way beyond what they could with the written word. Students in junior high use...