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Creating books with iBooks Author.

from iTunes U ($4)

This course guides teachers and students through the process of creating multi-touch books.

Everyday English

from iTunes U ($7)

This is an introductary course that teachers students who are learning English for the first time all the basic skills needed to integrate themselves into their new English...

HTML Basics

from iTunes U ($3)

Introduction to HTML

Introduction to Wordpress

from iTunes U ($9)

A course which introduces students to the use of Wordpress in the classroom.

Introduction to the Internet.

from iTunes U ($22)

This introduction guides students from the process of setting up an Internet connection for the very first time to designing their first web-page. This internet course contains...

Non-Verbal & Visual Communications

from iTunes U ($18)

This course aims to provide the learner with the knowledge, skills and capacity to communicate effectively in a variety of everyday situations including verbal and non verbal...