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Christianity in the Modern World

from iTunes U (Free)

Course content/description: This course covers the history of the church, primarily in its western expression, from the period of the reformations...

Introduction to Christian Theology

from iTunes U (Free)

Students will be introduced to Christian theology in its historical, systematic and biblical orientations. This survey will roughly follow the order of Scripture itself,...

Luke & Acts

from iTunes U (Free)

This course introduces students to Luke as the first church historian. In mastering the content of both books, students will gain an understanding of Luke as a highly skilled...

The Gospels

from iTunes U (Free)

Course content/description A study of the person, works and words of Jesus Christ as set forth in the four Gospels. Special attention given to...

Theology & Practice of Worship

from iTunes U (Free)


Thinking & Writing

from iTunes U (Free)

Thinking and Writing is designed to introduce students to the task of Christian apologetics, the components of proper argumentation, critical analysis of research resources, and...