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Faith, Social Justice, and Public Life

from iTunes U (Free)

How does faith inform public debates on social justice in American politics? How should religious leaders and politicians engage the political process while maintaining their moral...

Globalization, Governance, and Norms

from iTunes U (Free)

Globalization, Governance, and Norms How do religion and values legitimate, shape, and conflict with global political, cultural, and legal systems ...

Religion and Culture in Dialogue

from iTunes U (Free)

Religion and Culture in Dialogue The arts and literature can often serve as vehicles from which to understand religious similarities and...

Religion and Development

from iTunes U (Free)

Religion and Development What role can religion play in ameliorating some of the twenty-first century's most pressing development issues...

Religion, Conflict, and Peace

from iTunes U (Free)

The role of religion as a motivation in violent acts is hotly contested: Is religion a root cause of violence with inherently violent...

Religious Freedom

from iTunes U (Free)

R eligious freedom is a basic human right that is ...

The Church and the World

from iTunes U (Free)

The single largest religious community on the globe, the Catholic Church has developed teachings on justice and peace that are relevant to global challenges of economic and social...