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CS105-Great Insights in Computer Science (Fall 2007)

from iTunes U (Free)

CS 105 - Great Insights in Computer Science

DCS Open House 1996

from iTunes U (Free)

Presentations of the DCS Open House of 1996. Speakers included Francis Lawrence (President of the University at that time), Mark Weiser (Chief Technologist at Xerox), Tomacz...

DCS Open House talks, 2004

from iTunes U (Free)

Talks from the DCS Open House in 2004

Linear Programming

from iTunes U (Free)

Dr. Bahman Kalantari's class on Linear Programming (audio only)

Rutger CyberInfrastructure (Internet2) Meeting, 2006

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The Rutgers Internet2 Meetings on April 4 2006 were a survey of the effects of ultra-highspeed bandwidth (for instance via Internet2) on education and research. The presentations...