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Content Strategy for Professionals 1: Engaging Audiences for Your Organization

from coursera (Free)

The Content Strategy MOOC is for professionals at all levels of a for-profit, non-profit, volunteer or government organization who want to significantly improve their abilities to...

Content Strategy for Professionals 2: Expanding Your Content’s Impact and Reach

from coursera (Free)

Professionals at all levels of an organization will learn the best ways to grow an audience they want and need by smartly implementing their important, strategic stories and...

Content Strategy for Professionals 3: Capstone Project

from coursera (Free)

The Capstone Project will let you demonstrate all that you have learned throughout the Content Strategy MOOCs. It is an exciting learning experience that takes you through...

Fundamentals of Digital Image and Video Processing

from coursera (Free)

In this class you will learn the basic principles and tools used to process images and videos, and how to apply them in solving practical problems of commercial and scientific...

Understanding Media by Understanding Google

from coursera (Free)

Few people who “just Google it” to find an answer to their every question understand just what the company does (and why). Through this course, you'll join the minority that...